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Fight Night R3 for X360

In Q1 2006.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Electronic Arts has reportedly confirmed that Fight Night Round 3 - used to great effect as part of a demonstration of the PlayStation 3's technical capabilities at this year's E3 - will also appear on Xbox 360 no later than 31st March 2006.

IGN reports that the game is down for release in Q1 2006 in the US on Xbox 360 - the platform itself launching before Christmas this year. PlayStation 3 is set to launch in "spring 2006", although a firm date is still up in the air.

Fight Night Round 3's presentation at Sony's pre-E3 conference demonstrated how a landed punch is reflected in minute detail by the unfortunate recipient, and had various in the audience flinching as it was played over and over by an extremely zealous EA producer.

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