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Slitherine strats its stuff

Two for the PC.

UK-based developer Slitherine - them what made the Legion games - is working on a pair of new PC strategy games and is shopping around for a publisher.

Quietly shown off during E3 (actually, they may have been loudly shown off for all we know - everything's relative in the WHAT-WHAT-I-CAN'T-HEAR-YOU-WHAT of E3 volume controls), Arena: Warriors and Commander - Europe at War offer something for fantasists and World War II fans alike.

World War II fans - gah. Anyway, Commander - Europe at War's that one, obviously. It's a hex-based strategy game co-developed with Firepower Entertainment, featuring six scenarios taking in Barbarossa, D-Day and the Grand Campaign, five tech-branches offering some 50 inventions to research, and a platform of multiplay that allows for everything from Internet to email and even hot-seating.

Meanwhile, Slitherine's also hard at work on Arena: Warriors, which is a mixture of real-time strategy and role-playing set in a traditional fantasy setting. You know - good versus evil, epic 3D battles and lots of missions. The unit animations should be motion-captured, and you'll be able to customise their appearance as well as their equipment.

You can check out more details on both games over on Slitherine's games page.