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More X3: Reunion details

Xbox version confirmed.

It's official - Egosoft's intergalactic trading and combat PC game, X3: Reunion, is also getting an outing on the Xbox.

As we reported previously, the developer cancelled the planned X2 expansion pack back in March, opting to concentrate on a fully-fledged sequel and console version instead.

Now it's revealed more details of the game, which is said to feature a “completely redesigned X universe”. There's an all-new economy system which features more options for conquering your enemies via the evils of capitalism, plus plenty of new technologies and weapons to play with.

The X3 Reality engine is said to offer “movie quality in-game graphics”, with more than 200 new models that are ten times as detailed as those in the previous game - an average of 25,000 polygons per ship, if you're interested.

Egosoft boss Bernd Lehahn says Xbox owners will enjoy the game just as much as PC players, too. “X3: Reunion will combine the maximum freedom of gameplay, an action loaded plot and a user interface specifically designed for the needs of a console audience,” he says.

X3: Reunion is due out on PC in September, and on Xbox early next year. You can view some new screenshots from the PC version here.