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Vivendi in Hit & Run

Another new Simpsons title. Odds on it being any good?

Vivendi has released some details on a new Simpsons title due for release this September on PS2, Xbox and GameCube. The Simpsons Hit & Run combines mission-based driving with out-of-car platforming - so when Tony Hawk's Pro Skater isn't being shamefully ripped off, it's GTA3.

The story, apparently penned by actual Simpsons writers, is something to do with people going missing, crop circles and hidden cameras, with Homer investigating the strange goings on after spotting a black van with a mounted satellite dish mooted on the roof. Judging from the lack of a decent Simpsons game from just about any time ever, we're not too excited about this one, but hopefully we'll be proven wrong and one of our favourite licenses hasn't been maliciously violated once more.