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2015 are Men of (eugh) Valor

MOH:AA developer heads to Vietnam.

2015, developer of the often great Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, is once again defiling our fine language by releasing some press about its newest title Men of Valor: The Vietnam War, for Xbox and PC. Surprisingly, it portrays infantry combat in the Vietnam War, following a Marine as he guides his fellow soldiers through the early stages of the war to the Tet Offensive.

As before, we can expect 2015 to take a few liberties with historical accuracy, but many missions are based on real events, and further realism will be enforced via MOH:AA-style scripted sequences. In fact, we imagine the game to be a fairly Allied Assault-esque experience, which is no bad thing we suppose. We'll have some shots up for you once we figure out why we can't upload them.