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Competition winners alert!

Guitars, drum-heads, vid-cards.

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They say that success doesn't make very good news. Obviously we agreed with them - until our boss told us he'd won a ton on the Grand National, at which point we discovered that actually success is very good news, m'lud, and that it's a reflection both of a canny mind and sexually attractive face.

Which is why we're here today to talk about who won some of our recent competitions! Was it you? No, frankly, it wasn't - we've notified them all already. But it's always nice to know who you're up against, isn't it?

With Guitar Hero firmly on our minds, in recent weeks we've given away a drum-head signed by Lars Ulrich out of Metallica along with subscriptions to Kerrang magazine. The drum-head winner was a chap called Neil Johnston, while runner-up A Peacock (the new J Mallard?) gets a sub to the mag. We also gave away an actual, enormous, proper Gibson SG Special guitar, and the very lucky man who got that one goes by the name Gary Titchmarsh.

Further to that, we had copies of Dark Age of Camelot to celebrate the release of a new expansion, as well as a spanky new NVIDIA graphics card. The man whose visuals will be exciting from now on was one Richard Dunham, while Scott Pryor, Mark Hargest, Philip Smith and Paul Cammish strolled away with copies of the game - including all its expansions.

As you know, we've also been giving away Piggyback player's guides for Tomb Raider and Dragon Quest. The competition's just ended, and we're notifying winners, so as soon as they get back to us we'll let you know who they are. In the meantime, keep your guys glued to the front page for more exciting competitions - and hopefully we'll remember to tell you who the winners are, too.

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