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Odama not cancelled - Nintendo

Reports suggest that it's been dumped from the Cube and reborn on the DS, but Nintendo says that's not the case.

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Nintendo has denied reports that GameCube title Odama, a curious mixture of the pinball and strategy genres, has been canned and re-envisioned as a Nintendo DS title.

According to a Nintendo representative, who confirmed the position with the company's Japanese headquarters, the report is "100 per cent NOT true".

The suggestion seems to have come from Japan, originally, with the usually reliable Magic Box making the claim in one of its updates this week.

A Nintendo rep also indicated that Odama would make an appearance at E3 this year on GameCube. Which is handy, because it kind of got lost in the pile at last year's event.

If you have no idea what it is, you can read slightly more about it in our Cube Games To Watch in 2005 feature which ran earlier this year. Odama is being developed by Vivarium.

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