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New Halo 2 maps next week

Next Monday is going to be "Maptacular", says Bungie. And one of the packs is "Killtacular", too.

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Bungie has announced that the first lot of downloadable Halo 2 maps will be available from Monday April 25 via Xbox live.

The Bonus Pack, which is free, contains two new maps. Containment is a huge outdoor arena located in the icy wastes near Sentinel Wall, while Warlock is a small-to-medium sized map set amongst ancient ruins.

For less than a fiver you can also purchase the Killtacular Pack, comprising Turf - a maze-like map based in Old Mombasa - and Sanctuary, designed for smaller, team-based objective games. However, if you can hang on until June 28, you'll be able to download them for free.

All the maps are designed for use in custom games immediately, and they'll be available for Matchmaking "some time soon".

For more details of what the maps contain, visit the official Bungie website. Pics can be found here.

June 28 will also see the release of the boxed map pack, priced at £14.99. As well as all nine additional maps, it'll include an animated feature and a short documentary. Bungie has previously said that the entire range of new maps will be available free of charge by the end of the summer.

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