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Konami's SAS game out in Feb

If delayed: QUICK! MARCH!

Konami's announced that its SAS shoot-'em-up The Regiment is due out on Feb 17th.

The game's on PC and developed by Kuju. Players take control of a four-man SAS squad trying to deal with terrorist scum and successfully liberate hostages.

Apparently unperturbed by the way real terrorists blew stuff up on the underground last July (fair enough - I live here and I'm over it), there's a siege in the Tube, along with a terrorist attack on the Houses of Parliament (is this like, a game about attacking the area near my house or something?) and a level focused on a remote farmhouse (probably about SHOOTING MY CATS).

There's an arcade mode and simulation - the latter gives the player much less information and terrorist reaction times are quicker.

We'll have a review up nearer release. The game was originally meant to be out in October on PS2 and PC but got delayed - you can read our impressions of the PS2 one elsewhere.

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