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Three PGR2 soundtracks planned


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Although Project Gotham Racing did have a radio/CD player feature to highlight its extensive musical catalogue, we certainly never felt like we could have done with a tape for the car or a hard copy for the stereo. To be honest, those tracks we did like we ended up playing on an endless loop to avoid the others. Likewise this May when we flew back from E3, one disc that curiously never made it into our walkmans was the PGR2 soundtrack sampler we found in our bags at the end of day three.

Still, somebody obviously appreciates Bizarre and Microsoft's taste in tunes, because we've just read that the Malaco Music Group (who they?) are releasing three compilation CD soundtracks based on the tracks in PGR2 - each CD apparently contains 15 songs from the racing sequel, spread across Hip Hop, Alternative Rock and Electronica volumes. We're told each will retail for $14.99 in the US, and you can import them on this side of the world thanks to Amazon too (cheers Games Press). Malaco veepee Tommy Couch Jr. reckons "Whether a person has the videogame or not, these soundtracks will appeal to them."

Shrug. Sounds like we'll have to give the PGR2 tunesmiths the benefit of the doubt until we review the Xbox racing sequel in the next fortnight or so. It's due out in Europe on November 28th.

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