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Max Payne 2 demo released

Try before you die.

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PC gamers yet to be wooed by Remedy's attempt at a noir love story shoot-'em-up would do well to check out the playable demo released this week, which gives you the first two levels (Prologue and Elevator Doors) and a significant chunk of the third (A Criminal Mastermind) to play around with. The demo even includes an unlockable Dead Man Walking map, Manor Yard, and if you aren't hooked on Remedy's particular brand of slow-motion slaughter and Havok physics-based death animations now, you probably will be after a spell behind the furrowed brow of the game's eponymous anti-hero.

You can download the 245MB demo from 3D Downloads, 3D Gamers, and all the other usual sources. Oh, and don't forget to take a look at Kristan's review from the other week, either.

Remedy recently released a couple of bonus chapters to keep fans happy when they cleared the game, which - despite its many fans and accolades - still only weighs in comfortably on the wrong side of ten hours.

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