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Athena Sword slips to January

Yes it has. No it hasn't. Oh, it has.

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Ubisoft's Raven Shield expansion Athena Sword is a budding contender for "Half-Life 2 of the Week", a new award I just made up to celebrate release date confusion (with special bonus points for publisher/developer misinformation).

According to Ubisoft's latest release schedule, Athena Sword has now slipped until January 16th 2004. Which must come as a bit of a surprise to Ubisoft, who pounced on UK hacks last month when it was widely reported that the game had slipped until early 2004. However it won't come as a surprise to Ubisoft, who had previously issued a statement in the US confirming that the game had slipped to early 2004.

Confused? You have every right to be. The bottom line though is that fans of Raven Shield can now hope to tuck into Athena Sword on January 16th. Assuming it doesn't slip. Arrrgh!

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