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Free Linux on PS3 this year

Yellow Dog due out soon.

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Terra Soft's Yellow Dog Linux v5.0 will be released for PlayStation 3 in mid-November, the company announced this week.

Yes, this means you'll be able to use your PlayStation 3 as a computer as well as all the things Sony's already offering - and it's all done with the platform holder's backing too.

What's more, if you wait a little while it won't actually cost anything. Terra Soft's "" service users (who pay a fee) will be able to get it first, as a PC distribution that allows for the creation of a PS3 install-disc; then two weeks later you'll be able to order ready-made PS3 install discs for a cost; and another two weeks after that the PS3 distribution will be released onto public mirrors.

As well as a single-click install mode for Linux newbies, Terra Soft will include an advanced installer. The operating system itself is based on the Fedora Core 5, with an integrated E17 desktop, and bundled FireFox 1.5.0, Thunderbird 1.5.0, 2.0.2 and other applications.

It's based on kernel, gcc 3.4.4 and glibc 2.4, apparently (yes, that means nothing to me - leave it), with Cell SDK 1.1 included and Nautilus 2.1.4. Terra Soft also says we'll find "a suite of Personal Accessories, Development Tools; Sound & Video, Internet, and Networking applications" bundled with the OS.

"From the days of the Commodore 64 to modern overclocked and water cooled home computers, a battle has raged between dedicated game boxes and home computers for highest quality game play," says Terra Soft's Owen Stampflee. "PlayStation 3 provides an industry first exceptional Linux OS experience ... and Terra Soft the first Linux OS. I am proud to have played a part in this development."

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