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Spyro's on an Adventure now

Attack of the same press release.

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This year's handheld Spyro platformer has been rebranded for Europe for reasons we can't quite gather. Due out towards the end of October in the States and dubbed "Attack of the Rhynocs," we can expect to get our grubby mitts on it when it bears the name "Spyro: Adventure" over here from November. Having been a bit confused before, we've now combined all our Rhynoc screenshots into one place for you.

Returning Spyro fans will be aghast at the news that the Rhynoc and Dragon Realms have somehow overlapped (Spyro's fault, apparently), and that the egotistical Ripto is now sending troublesome Rhynocs through in droves. In order to close the hole and prevent the two realms fusing together, Spyro will have to jump on a lot of heads and so on.

As we know very well (given that this press release is identical to the one Vivendi sent out in April), Spyro: Adventure throws up another set of fourteen isometric run-and-jump levels, blesses Spyro with a few new abilities including the "Head-Butt Slam" and "Cyclone Attack", and even chucks in new head-to-head and cooperative multiplayer modes - a first for the series on GBA.

Expect to hear more about Spyro: Adventure when it ships.

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