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New Pandora Tomorrow stills and trailer

Flash sites are bad, m'kay?

Dark blue icons of video game controllers on a light blue background
Image credit: Eurogamer

Ubisoft has updated its Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow microsite with a number of new screenshots and a trailer, all safely tucked inside a Flash interface in which you have to "use" night vision and thermal goggles to locate them. Nyargh.

Irritatingly, the screenshots are neither particularly large, nor are we able to download them and put them in our own gallery, because they're locked inside the poxy Flash file. Hrnggh. Thankfully, it's a different story for the trailer which can be downloaded directly from Ubisoft in 2.4MB and 11MB versions.

There isn't actually a huge amount to see in the video, but squinting through the fuzzy video effects we spotted a couple of new character moves and weapons in action. It'll probably be of some small interest to the die hard Fisher-fans, at least.

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