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Tekken's Nina finds a new job

Ah. Stealth and things.

By way of a story in Japanese gaming weekly Famitsu, Namco has released a number of details regarding a new action adventure title for PS2 called Nina; a Tekken spin-off focussing on the eponymous fighting lassie.

The title, due for release next year, is set on board a luxury cruise boat and sees Nina investigating a secret organisation called the Camietta, which wields a powerful weapon called the Salacia. The game begins with Nina's cover being blown, and as such she has to sneak about, searching the boat for information and evidence that will help topple the threat.

The game will apparently boast an analogue stick-based fighting system. This works by moving Nina with the left stick and executing moves with the right by moving it towards the opponent, with different timings and combinations of stick movement making use of her various moves from Tekken, as well as the odd gun or sword.

One of the stranger-sounding combat features is Nina's special attack which allows her to get an X-ray view of an enemy's body and its internal organs which are damaged as she attacks. Naturally, Nina will also incorporate Solid Snake-style stealth antics into her mission, sneaking along behind walls and scenery and attempting to avoid traps.

It does sound quite interesting we have to admit, even if it does whiff a little of a stealth-action bandwagon-jumping effort. Obviously we'll have to wait until more details come to light, but it could be one to watch.