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SEGA Classics for PS2

It's got Golden Axe!

SEGA has announced that that the SEGA Classics Collection is heading to PS2 this autumn, releasing a bunch of screenshots to get your nostalgic juices flowing.

SCC is a compendium of eight classic Master System, Mega Drive and arcade titles, complete with "enhanced sounds and graphics for a superior gameplay experience."

The collection includes tip top hack-and-slasher Golden Axe, racers OutRun and Virtua Racing and puzzle classic Columns. Then there's a remake of arcade legend Virtua Racing, plus Monaco GP and futuristic shooter Space Harrier.

And finally, you also get Fantasy Zone and mini-game extravaganza Tant R & Bonanza Bros. Marvellous.

SEGA Classics Collection is out on October 28, priced £19.99.