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ECTS 2003: Whiptail's line-up

Hrm. Theme developing.

Another ECTS line-up for you, dears. This time it's Whiptail Interactive, the publisher to blame for POSTAL 2 making it onto store shelves. Along with a new multiplayer version of said execrable, humourless wannabe FPS, Whiptail will be debuting a relaunched Limited Edition box set version of the original title - POSTAL Classic & Uncut - whose notoriety the publisher foolishly likens to A Clockwork Orange.

Also on Whiptail's stand (and by no means to be tarred with the same brush as the above) will be Danish developer MediaMobsters' Gangland (due out in Europe this November), Pixel Studios' Blade and Sword (Europe/America in Q4) and RC Cars (America in Q3).

  • Postal 2 [PC]
  • Postal Classic & Uncut [PC]
  • Gangland [PC]
  • Blade and Sword [PC]
  • RC Cars [PC]