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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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ECTS 2003: Just Flight's line-up

Also games from Just Play, Just Football and, er, Just Trains.

A slightly older line-up that fell down the back of the sofa, Just Flight's ECTS line-up is more than just Search and Rescue 4 and add-ons for Combat Flight Sim 3 (B-17 "Memphis Belle" and The Battle of Britain) and Flight Simulator 2004 (C-130 Hercules and A340 Professional).

Also on their stand (no. 1386) under the Just Play banner will be the retail version of X-Com-inspired play-by-email title Laser Squad Nemesis, Korsun Pocket and Titans of Steel, alongside 18 separate premier league/football league "Club Manager" titles from Just Football. The highlight of those is sure to be Chelsea Manager, where you get infinite cash by typing "R-O-M-A-N".

Just Flight has even spared some space for specialist label Just Trains, whose Trainz Railway Simulator 2004 title will be flanked by The Severn Valley Railway add-on for Microsoft Train Simulator 1 and 2. Look forward to those.

  • Search and Rescue 4 [PC]
  • B-17 Memphis Belle [PC, Combat Flight Sim 3 Add-on]
  • The Battle of Britain [PC, Combat Flight Sim 3 Add-on]
  • C-130 Hercules [PC, Flight Sim 2004 Add-on]
  • A340 Professional [PC, Flight Sim 2004 Add-on]
  • Laser Squad Nemesis [PC (Retail Version)]
  • Korsun Pocket [PC]
  • Titans of Steel [PC]
  • Club Manager titles [PC, 18 separate titles]
  • Trainz Railway Simulator 2004 [PC]
  • The Severn Valley Railway [PC, Microsoft Train Simulator Add-on]