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Namco, Ubi Soft slice up 3DO

Going... going...

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As regular readers of EG sister site will know, various companies have been bidding for assets at 3DO's bankruptcy sale. Amongst them, the likes of Microsoft, Eidos, Namco, Ubi Soft and JoWooD.

According to a report late on Friday, the sale now has something of an outcome. Namco has purchased 3DO's Street Racing Syndicate title (developed by UK-based Eutechnyx) for a little over $1.5 million, while the Might & Magic and Heroes of Might & Magic series have gone to Ubi Soft for $1.3 million. There's no news on other assets - including potentially lucrative patent packs, one of which a certain William T Hawkins was supposedly interested in - apart from the High Heat Baseball series, which Microsoft has snapped up for an undisclosed sum.

Last week it became clear that Eidos were bidding for a number of lots, including some of the above, but it appears the only offer left from them is on the dreaded Army Men franchise, which has also caught the attention of Turbine. Other titles include Jacked and Cubix, with JoWooD and 4kids Entertainment respectively the interested parties.

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