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Er, nothing. Nothing at all.

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Writing this column is usually one of my favourite bits of the week, and I like to think some of you enjoy it too. But even my directionless ramblings can't rescue July 18th, which is possibly the most boring Friday I've ever encountered. It's up there with Thursday now, and possibly even Wednesday morning. Still, up until today I was at least sure that two games were coming out: Darkened Skye and Piglet's BIG Game. Yes. Two.

However, since then I've established that Darkened Skye is only probably out. GAME claim to have it (though not the one on my high street), Amazon thinks it came out on July 4th but says it'll take one or two weeks to deliver, and Gameplay doesn't seem 100 per cent certain either. As for Play, they've never heard of it.

Meanwhile, Piglet's BIG Game seems to be available, although perhaps not on PS2, GameCube and PC as promised. The PS2 one seems to be out, but in any event I doubt there's a single person out there reading this who wants to buy it. Anybody? Is Piglet on your list? No, not that list (though I know what you mean), but your shopping list? Hrm?

And the one-hundred-acre wood aside, the only thing we've noticed is Tekken 4 on Platinum, and we're less than convinced it got there thanks to hundreds of thousands of sales. Still, I suppose that's something to recommend at £14.99 if you can't be bothered to spend the extra cash on the superior Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution.

On the whole then, it's a total washout. There is nothing to buy. You'd do better just picking up something you missed, or spending some time with the family. Or cleaning your flat because the landlord's coming round tomorrow. Maybe that's just me.

Till next week then folks, and sorry about the intense tedium contained thereinabovethistext. Adios.

  • Darkened Skye (PC)
  • Piglet's BIG Game (PS2, Cube, PC)
  • Tekken 4 (PS2 Platinum)

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