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SNK shows love for Wii

Bigwig says Xbox 1 is dead.

The president of SNK USA, Ben Herman, has confirmed the company's big fat love for the Nintendo Wii - adding that while the PS3 and Xbox 360 are set to do well, Microsoft will struggle to get Japanese gamers interested in their next-gen console.

In an interview with Advanced Media Network, Herman said: "We have a game for Wii and... The first child is usually closest to your heart. But we do have some strong expectations that Sony will do very well. I'm sure Xbox 360 will continue to do well."

However, Herman continued, "Xbox 360 is doing great here in the States, but it's not only about the US... It's the world right now.

"The 360 has not taken a foothold [in Japan]... PS3 is coming, and certainly, even though it is very expensive, the reality is that the Japanese market will support Sony."

Herman also declared that the original Xbox is "done", stating: "They haven't announced that it's over but believe me, it's over. That category is gone. There will be nothing new from us for Xbox."

SNK has previously announced Metal Slug Anthology, a Wii game which will make use of the unique controller. There are also plans to develop a sixth instalment in the Metal Slug series - but it won't necessarily appear on all next-gen consoles.

"It's a 2D game so we can't bring it to PS3 or Xbox 360 as is," Herman said.

"Quite possibly it will come to a Nintendo system because Nintendo is certainly does not have a high-definition requirement, but we're still analysing our plans for that."

As for how much the Wii is likely to cost - according to Herman, "We all expect something in the $200-$250 range."