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MS responds to X360 hackers

They're not happy, obviously.

Following reports that a group of hackers has modified the Xbox 360 to play pirate games, Microsoft has issued an official statement warning 360 owners that any mucking about of this nature will result in a void warranty.

"The core security system has not been broken," Microsoft said, before admitting: "However, on some Xbox 360 consoles the authentication protocol between the optical disc drive and the console may be attacked via a complex software and hardware modification which could allow people to play illegally copied and modified games."

The statement went on to say that Microsoft continues to invest in ways to keep the Xbox 360 secure, and "will respond appropriately as unauthorised activity is identified."

"When a person purchases a genuine Microsoft Xbox 360 console and genuine Xbox 360 games, they receive the real product which is complete and suited for the use intended. They know its source and can expect the console and games to function properly and provide a satisfying gaming experience.

"Genuine and unmodified Microsoft Xbox products provide gamers with the reliability, security, support and dynamic gaming experience that they expect, and genuine and unmodified Microsoft Xbox 360 products are eligible for technical support."

But modified consoles, Microsoft added, "will not be eligible for technical support, and the user's warranty will be voided."

"Lastly, the protection of intellectual property rights is a high priority for Microsoft and our partners, one that significantly and positively impacts economic growth, technological innovation, and most importantly, the confidence of customers who count on the integrity and quality of their products."

To summarise, then - piracy is bad, and if you ARE naughty and it all goes wrong, you better not go running to Microsoft. Booyah.