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Liquid spills £4 PC titles

Bargain basement.

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UK publisher Liquid Games is re-releasing a dozen Oxygen Interactive PC titles with a brand new price of just £3.99 each.

Highlights include Earth 2150: Lost Souls, the third instalment in the popular RTS series, and arcade shooter March! Offworld Recon - "solve numerous puzzles whilst battling against a plethora of enemy cyborgs," apparently. Let's hope those crosswords aren't too tricky then.

For action adventure fans there's Darkened Skye, which combines puzzling, spell weaving and fighting with more than two hours of cut scenes. Oh, and features an appearance by - wait for it - "Hollywood starlet" Linda Larkin, "the voice of Princess Jasmine in the 1992 Disney film, Aladdin". (A quick IMDB search reveals she's also appeared in Disney Princess Party: Volume 2 and an episode of Doogie Howser, fact fans!)

Other titles include Red Shark (a "time-travelling heli-shooter", so sort of like a cross between Dr Who and Airwolf, most probably), Perfect Ace Pro Tennis Tournament, trade sim Spells of Gold and horror adventure Midnight Nowhere. Then there's RTS Horde 2, RPG Paradise Cracked, Echelon (a futuristic flying sim) and the Ultimate Collection, which features billiards, snooker and pool.

Not the most stunning line-up we've ever seen, admittedly, but at four quid a pop you might just find the odd bobby dazzler in there somewhere.

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