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EyeToy still in demand

So much so that Sony, gasp, had to restock!

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Image credit: Eurogamer

EyeToy has been selling very strongly in Europe in the run-up to Christmas, Sony announced today, confirming that the webcam-based suite of mini-games (backed by the less popular rhythm-action variant EyeToy: Groove) has now shipped more than two million copies in Europe. Whether that translates to two million sales isn't clear, but with demand still high on this continent and a decent response in the US where EyeToy launched at the start of November, it seems fairly safe to say it's topped that worldwide by now.

Speaking of the rest of the world, demand has apparently been so high in Europe that Sony has been shipping vast quantities of products from the Far East. SCEE's Patrick Inskip said there has fantastic and consistent demand for EyeToy ever since its summer launch. "The use of air freight throughout this period has been crucial to keep up with the unrelenting demand across all of SCEE's European markets," he said this week.

Sony has already announced plans for another suite of mini-games as part of an EyeToy: Play 2 package, expected sometime in 2004.

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