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Rainbow Islands heads to PSP

Rain or shine, it's out in Q1.

Rising Star Games has announced that it's bringing Rainbow Islands to PSP.

It'll be the third of RSG's "Evolution" games (its DS remakes are all suffixed "Revolution"), following updates to Space Invaders and Bubble Bobble.

Apparently it's due out in Q1 2007, although the publisher isn't saying much about it other than it will "follow the Evolution philosophy of creating innovative, original extrapolations of classic game designs whilst harnessing the 3D power of the PSP".

RSG also says that it'll be announcing more of its packed 2007 schedule in the coming weeks, so watch out for more Taito related remakes, presumably, and perhaps some other stuff.

And for those of you wondering why Rainbow Islands is coming out on the PSP and not the DS: get some eyes! It's been out on the DS for ages. Look, we've even reviewed it. And you call yourself a fan.