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156 Xbox titles to work on European 360s

Yanks come out on top again.

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Microsoft has unveiled the full list of Xbox games which will work on European Xbox 360s from the moment the console hits the shelves on December 2.

There are 156 titles in total - you can check for your favourite over at theUK Xbox website.

It's a pretty impressive selection, even if it is shorter than the US list - those lucky Yanks will have no less than 212 Xbox games to play on their shiny new console come launch day.

But frankly, there's nothing particularly key on the US list that's missing from ours - we can live without Army Men: Sarge's War, Catwoman and Cabela's Deer Hunt 2004 Season. Bit of a shame about Kill.switch and Samurai Jack, though.

Interestingly, the Halo 2 Multiplayer Map Pack appears on the US list, but not on the European list - chances are this is just an administrative error, however. At least, we do hope so...

If you're disgruntled at the fact that America's getting more backwards compatible titles than us, no matter how rubbish they might be, spare a thought for our Japanese friends and count yourself lucky - their list is a measly 12 games long.

Still, more titles will be added as time goes on - in fact, Microsoft has said it hopes to make all Xbox games ever released compatible eventually. Jolly good, now do get on with it.

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