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True Crime on the PC?

One of those EBGames listing stories.

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True Crime: Streets of LA - a successful composition of substandard elements if you believe the things I say - could be on its way to the PC in March 2004, according to a suspicious listing on which has since been deleted.

Says Activision: "We don't comment on rumour." Helpfully. Then again, they're clearly not that eager to quash speculative news reports (like this one), adding that we should all "Watch this space." Tsk.

Given GTA's popularity on the PC, and given that True Crime is fundamentally a GTA rip-off timed to appear during Rockstar North's "Christmas off", it's not too hard to imagine a PC version appearing at some stage, although we'd imagine that depends on whether True Crime can sustain its early success on PS2, Xbox and Cube.

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