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Team Sabre set for early 2004

Delta Force - Black Hawk Down expansion on track.

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According to a missive thrust our way over the weekend, NovaLogic is busy sharpening Black Hawk Down expansion Team Sabre for its release in early 2004 (sources say mid-February), sprucing things up for fans of the cinematic and entertaining albeit rather soulless original.

As previously announced, Team Sabre's two new single-player campaigns will be based in the Columbian jungle and remote islands in the Persian Gulf, integrating typical search and destroy, hostage rescue, capture and hold and infiltration objectives into the new surroundings - with drug refineries, mountain strongholds and chemical weapons convoys to deal with. Players can also expect to infiltrate enemy oilfields (try claiming you're 'liberating' them?) while dressing up as folks from the US Rangers, Delta Force and, for the first time in the series, the British SAS.

Obviously the two campaigns will be suitably vast, and we're also promised 30 additional multiplayer maps to liven up NovaWorld and LAN battles, while NovaLogic also hopes to encourage a modding community with the slightly ambiguous "Mod support for building unique multiplayer battlefields". In terms of other additions, we're looking at new weapons (military buffs start wanking here: H&K G3A3, H&K G36E and H&K PSG1 Sniper rifle) and vehicles (continue here: MH-53M PaveLow IV helicopter and RHIB Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat) and the same production values and marauding hordes of soon-to-be-dead locals.

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