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Paradigm working on T3: Redemption

Aptly named Terminator title from makers of Dawn of Fate.

Paradigm Entertainment, developers of Spy Hunter and Terminator: Dawn of Fate, are busy working on a new Terminator game for Atari called Redemption, and PS2 and Xbox demos of the as-yet unannounced title have actually shipped with copies of Terminator: Rise of the Machines in the US - and will presumably do the same thing over here when ROTM finally lands later this month.

Atari has oddly not confirmed the game's existence (despite demos, screenshots, movies, countless news reports and so on springing up in the last couple of days), but if none of the above convinces you then Game Informer has some pretty extensive impressions here talking about the contents of the demo - an Arnie-centred trawl through the bombed out remains of a city as humans and robots collide. We quite like the sound of it - the Terminator losing its skin and clothing, reduced to the skeletal metal frame with enough damage.

According to the demo on the disc, Terminator 3: Redemption is due out towards the end of next year on PS2 and Xbox, presumably just in time to cash in on the Terminator 3 Ultimate Edition DVD everyone's expecting. We'll be bringing you a review of Rise of the Machines, the console title due out this year just as soon as Atari sends us a copy.