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Xbox GTA Double Pack misses Christmas

One of those Sony/Rockstar/Microsoft love triangle things.

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Following the relatively low key release (for Rockstar, anyway) of the PS2 edition of the Grand Theft Auto Double Pack recently, interest has now turned to the as-yet unreleased Xbox edition, which despite appearing in the US has yet to be given a definite European date.

According to a report on C&VG this afternoon though, Xbox gamers won't have too long to wait, with the Double Pack allegedly due out on January 2nd - the earliest Friday in 2004. The reason for this slightly odd decision is apparently that Sony has secured an exclusive deal with Rockstar to keep the Xbox Double Pack off the shelves until next year, which isn't too hard to imagine.

As you'd expect, spokespeople have been flying around all over the place pointing out that nothing's been announced, but C&VG reckons the announcement itself is a formality, citing a couple of separate (but obviously anonymous) retail sources.

The GTA Double Pack... doesn't exactly require a degree to figure out. It's GTA III and GTA: Vice City in one set, and represents the series' Xbox debut, with both games getting a reportedly pleasant makeover and throwing around more consistent frame rates and even more shiny things than previously.

Although we didn't bother to comment on the PS2 release (which was basically just the original units repackaged), we'll be as keen as anyone to see how the multi-million-selling duo shape up on the Xbox, and if January 2nd is the release date, you can expect to hear more about them towards the end of December.

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