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Dead to Rights patched

Hip Games and LSP move to quash showstopping tutorial problem.

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Hip Games, the North American publisher of the PC port of Dead to Rights, has issued a patch to fix an issue affecting certain gamers unable to make progress beyond the tutorial.

The patch has been released in response to reports on GameSpot that the tutorial sequence was impossible to complete on some systems, as detailed here, however in a statement due out shortly European publisher Light & Shadow Productions is expected to deny that the bug is a problem with any specific hardware, drivers or related services.

According to Hip Games in the US, "Under some rare circumstances, the [tutorial] sequence plays out incorrectly and prevents the player from proceeding further into the game." Hence the patch, which, Hip notes, there is no need to install if the game seems to be working fine.

LSP is also expected to confirm shortly that the European version of the PC Dead to Rights has already gone off to manufacturing, meaning the bug is still present in the boxed release. However with the patch already widely available and being passed to various online and print media for distribution on websites and cover disks, it shouldn't be too hard to sort yourself out should you find yourself with a copy of the game in your stocking.

The patch can be downloaded from 3D Gamers here and weighs in at a surprisingly healthy 39.6MB, despite offering only the single bug fix.

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