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Nintendo plans new GBA F-Zero

Based on new TV series.

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According to Japanese reports, Nintendo is planning to release F-Zero: Falcon Densetsu (Legend of Falcon) for the Game Boy Advance on November 28th. Based on the forthcoming weekly Japanese anime series, Falcon Densetsu will see the familiar faces of Captain Falcon and Samurai Goro facing off against TV series mainstay Ryu Suzaku.

Like Sega's Cube and arcade versions of F-Zero, Falcon Densetsu will invite gamers to modify their vehicles pre-race and rub bumpers with 30 race opponents in grand prix, time trial and story modes (the latter split into five different threads, each comprising eight missions). Although the game seems to be shaping up more like the latter day 3D versions on N64 and GameCube (and may even link up to GX to some degree), we can also expect to see a few SNES tracks sneaking in (Mute City and Big Blue have been mentioned).

Reports also suggest that Nintendo is planning a series of eCards for its popular eReader device in the US next year, although with no sign of the European eReader release yet (and we do keep asking), it could be a while before that catches anyone's attention over here.

Although the Japanese Falcon Densetsu is only due out on November 28th, F-Zero fans will be able to get their oily mitts on F-Zero GX for the GameCube on October 31st. We'll be bringing you our review in the next couple of weeks.

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