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X360 camera to ship with game

A free one. Out in September.

Speaking to US website Gamasutra, Microsoft has revealed new details regarding its Live Vision camera for the Xbox 360, which is expected to ship this September - complete with a free gesture-control software title.

Microsoft's Jeff Stone told the site that the peripheral will be shipped together with Totemball, a new game developed by UK firms Strange Flavour and Freeverse. The peripheral will track user's arm movements, challenging them to guide a wheeled totem pole around various environments, collecting items and attempting to avoid obstacles to reach the goal within a specific time limit.

Stone also confirmed that additional titles are currently in development, although no specific games were announced.

Rivalling Sony's EyeToy camera for the PS2 and PS3 - which also shipped with a compendium of gesture control titles called EyeToy Play when it first launched - Microsoft's Live Vision camera will also be utilised for video chat and face mapping in some Xbox Live Arcade games.

Microsoft stopped short of announcing a price point for the device although, as Gamasutra observed, US retailer GameStop has the Live Vision camera listed at US$39.99 with a release date of September 19th.