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New PSP accessories launched

Ain't no party like a third party peripheral party.

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Pinpoint Consumer Electronics is to launch a new range of PSP accessories designed to protect your beloved handheld from scratches, dirt, dust and even pesky little tealeafs.

Screen protectors will be available in packs of two (one clear and one smoky grey, for some reason) priced at £5.99 - or for an extra four quid you can buy the Nyko Screen Armour, a brushed aluminium case that clips onto your PSP. There's also a Glare Guard (£19.99) designed to make playing in brightly lit environments easier.

Then there's the Sound Case (£29.99), which "combines custom fit storage with built-in NXT Speaker technology" thanks to a 3 watt flat panel speaker. The Universal Multi Disc Case, priced at £4.99, hooks on to the Sound Case and holds up to 5 UMDs.

Sir might also be interested in the Motorised UMD Cleaner Cartridge (£19.99), which removes dust and dirt by using "advanced microfiber technology" to polish your discs. Suits you.

Twenty quid will get you a Starter Kit comprising a screen protector, four UMD cases, a USB cable for PC-PSP connection, an in-car power adaptor and a leather wrist strap.

And finally there's the Porta Lock (£12.99) - a device that attaches your PSP to your belt "with an ultra-secure combination lock to prevent theft." It's got a 3 feet long retractable cord and is sure to be THE accessory of the season for all PSP owners living in Lewisham.

Pinpoint will be showing off their wares at the Games Market Europe event in August, and they'll go on sale over the next few weeks.

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