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Spy-Hunter producers buy up Psi-Ops film rights

Another Midway game could be on its way to the silver screen. Or so they tell us. With their minds.

Film magazine Variety reports that the producers of the forthcoming Spy-Hunter film have bought up the rights to develop another of Midway Games' properties - Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy.

According to the report, Adrian Askarieh and Chuck Gordon have bought the rights to the game, which is due out on PS2 and Xbox in Europe this September following some success in the States, although nobody has yet been attached to direct.

The duo's other project, however, already has John Woo in the chair to direct, and The Rock sauntering around in front of the camera in gadget-laden cars, although Spy-Hunter's production has apparently been set back a bit.

"I've always been interested in the whole idea of psionic powers that have been developed by the government," Askarieh said of the Psi-Ops project, "even though they've been very close-mouthed about admitting they conducted those kind of experiments."

Apparently the film will draw plenty of inspiration from the game, and will share the idea of a secret agent whose mind is blanked and his psychic abilities temporarily suppressed so that he can infiltrate a psychic terrorist organisation.