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Unreal II confirmed for Xbox. Again again.

Probably best not to ship four million copies of this one.

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Atari has officially confirmed what we've all known for some time now: that soulless PC FPS Unreal II: The Awakening is on its way to Xbox later this year. The port is apparently underway at Tantalus and original developer Legend, and will be altered to include Xbox Live multiplayer support before its release this Christmas. You can read up on the single player section of the game in our extensive review of the multiplayer-deprived PC version.

The multiplayer aspect of the Xbox version will introduce a new two-player split screen co-operative mode, and a new team and class-based multiplayer mode, although Atari's press release doesn't elaborate on this, and the linked website isn't even aware of the Xbox version yet. There's not even anything on the Atari forums, which usually play host to developers chatting up new announcements, but then again, that one seems like quite a hostile environment these days.

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