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Bigben revamps Space Invaders

But hey, it's only fifteen quid.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Bigben Interactive is planning to reunite Taito's pixellated planetary raiders with PS2 owners' beams of interstellar justice, or something, 25 years after Space Invaders first hit the arcades in 1978. Relax, we wouldn't make you do a sum like that in your Thursday heads.

Space Invaders: Invasion Day is the name of the game, and it's due out on September 5th with a handy budget price tag of £14.99 to give it some credibility. Rest assured, Taito's "old-school shoot 'em up" formula remains intact within this third person actiony looker, but Bigben says we can look forward to fifty stages and ten boss battles set among the cities of Earth on our quest to rid the planet of those distinctive extra-terrestrials.

The game will apparently be split into two modes: a single-player story mode interspersed with rendered cut-scenes, which follows the plight of three of the invasion's victims, and a one or two-player survival mode in which players have to collect points by destroying invaders until their health runs down.

Even better, Bigben says there's a version of the original Space Invaders hidden away in there somewhere (unlocked by completing the story mode, we'd wager). Here be screenshots.

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