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UK Charts: Matrix holds off SOCOM for top slot

Fifth straight week for Atari's smash.

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Enter The Matrix refused to buckle under the pressure of some big new releases this week, maintaining its fifth straight week at the top of the UK All Formats chart.

The arrival of PS2 online gaming catapulted SOCOM to the No.2 position, while the all format release of Universal's film tie-in The Hulk made a quieter debut at No.9, although the release of the movie this Friday will no doubt boost sales in its second week.

Nintendo's GBA port Donkey Kong Country entered at No.27 in its second week of release, while the PC release of Colin McRae Rally 3 helped push Codemasters' blockbuster back to No.20 in the All Formats.

Other than that, it was a largely stationary chart, with the only major movement being the surprise plummeting of The Wind Waker, down 15 places to No.26, while the superb Silent Hill 3 disappointingly plunged to No.29, after just four weeks on sale.

Per format, the GameCube's only exclusive title is The Wind Waker, while the Xbox is represented by the pseudo exclusive Return To Castle Wolfenstein: Tides Of War, at No.28. The PS2 has eight exclusive titles, the PC six, and the GBA two.

This week's missing in action include Sony's Twisted Metal: Black Online, which failed to dent even the PS2 Top 20, while Atari's Wacky Worlds expansion pack for Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 managed just No.16 on the PC chart.

Next week's charts are likely to only be disturbed by the release of Brute Force on Xbox, Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution on PS2, and Wario World on Cube.

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