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Spyro for DS

Little lilac lizard goes handheld.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

The world's campest game character is heading back to our (dual) screens later this year in Spyro Shadow Legacy for the Nintendo DS.

There's a twist in the purple-headed warrior's tail, however - for the first time in the series the game will feature role-playing elements, such as the ability to improve Spyro's strength and abilities by defeating enemies and earning experience points.

And that's not all - he's got new magical powers, too, and can now do martial arts. Spyro-Ken!

Shadow Legacy will make full use of the DS's fancy capabilities - you can draw symbols to cast spells on the touch screen, while the top screen displays an overhead map. Plus you can wirelessly trade collectables, such as creatures you've captured, with other DS owners.

Spyro Shadow Legacy is due out in the US this “fall”, and should be in Europe by Christmas.

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