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Quake Wars announced

id's new multiplayer shooter.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

id Software has announced Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, a class-based PC multiplayer shooter that lets you choose whether to fight for Earth Defense Force or invading alien hordes, the Strogg.

There are five unique classes to choose from, and more than 40 vehicles to hoon around in - everything from quad-bikes and tanks to AT-AT style walkers and anti-gravity ships.

You can take on class-specific missions, or joint a fireteam to make use of advanced comms options such as voice-chat. The game selects missions for you on a context-sensitive basis, which is nice.

Winning battles is a matter of, as you'd expect, setting up bases, securing your defences, making strategic use of your artillery and radar and - essentially - getting the enemy before they get you.

You're not just fighting for victory, either - brave soldiering will be rewarded with medals and promotions, and there are also special rewards for clever team-play.

Battles are fought during both day and night, and seamless landscapes with an “unparalleled degree of realism” are promised thanks to the use of MegaTexture, id Software's new rendering technology.

More on Quake Wars will be revealed once E3 officially gets underway, so we'll keep you posted.

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