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Capcom's PSP trio

SF Alpha 3, Monster Hunter, VJ.

As well as announcing Xbox 360 title Dead Rising yesterday, Capcom also revealed that it plans to back PlayStation Portable with three more titles: Monster Hunter Portable, Street Fighter Alpha 3 and Viewtiful Joe: VFX Battle, the latter having been mentioned but not seen in any great detail previously.

To start with that, VFX Battle was, we were told, designed to make the action more accessible through a head to head style of play. The PSP version will support ad hoc WiFi for up to four people, with playable characters including Alastor, Joe, Silvia and Captain Blue, judging from what we saw. It wasn't playable but will be done "sooner than later".

Street Fighter Alpha 3 meanwhile will feature network battling and looked very nice, while Monster Hunter Portable demonstrated some very impressive third-person 3D visuals. Lots of big stompy monsters and magicking wand death. Or somesuch. We're a bit spaced after what happened later in the day, to be honest.

We'll have more on Capcom's line-up and everything else soon.