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Anime RPG series returns.

Bandai has unveiled a new instalment in its “dot hack” anime-based RPG series, entitled .hack//G.U.

Few details have been revealed so far, but Bandai VP Naruo Uchida did reveal that Evangelion character designer Yoshiyuki Sadamoto and Kazunori Ito, author of Ghost in the Shell and Patlabor, are returning to work on the new game.

The original four-volume dot hack series was an acquired taste for some but it still proved popular, selling more than 1.7 million copies worldwide. Developer Cyber Connect 2 says the new game will feature an all-new cast of characters and storyline.

.hack//G.U. is slated for to launch in Japan and North America next year, but no European release has been announced so far - we'll keep you posted.

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