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EA to acquire DICE?

Up to shareholders. Again.

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Electronic Arts is making another bid to acquire Swedish developer Digital Illusions CE, the studio behind the Battlefield 2 series.

DICE's board of directors has unanimously agreed on a joint merger plan with EA, but it's still subject to approval by shareholders. This isn't the first time the publisher has tried to acquire DICE - but last time, shareholders rejected the offer despite a recommendation from the board, on the grounds that there wasn't enough money on the table.

The board reckons the new deal will safeguard DICE's future, and help the studio transition to next-gen platforms by gaining access to EA's technology, tools and giant tubs full of gold and diamonds. If the deal is not accepted, the board reckons, it will become "difficult for DICE to retain and attract talented employees."

Shareholders will get the chance to vote on the proposed merger at the Annual General Shareholders' Meeting, which is scheduled for May 24th.

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