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Colosseum due this summer

Togas at the ready as KOEI's new historical epic heads for PS2.

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KOEI are shortly to issue a statement announcing the European release of Colosseum: Road to Freedom for PlayStation 2.

Developed by Goshow, the game is already on sale in Japan under the name Gladiator. The story starts around the time of the death of Caesar Marcus Aurelius and charts the beginning of the end of the Roman empire - completely unlike the film of the same name, then.

Colosseum is being billed as an "action RPG", and you can expect all the usual swordfights, chariot races and gladiatorial face-offs. It's due for release, according to a KOEI representative, "some time in late June or early July".

KOEI have also announced disappointing news for fans of their Romance of the Three Kingdoms series. Although the latest instalment, Romance of the Three Kingdoms X, will be released in the States this June, KOEI say the game will definitely not be making an appearance in Europe.

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