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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Naughty MMO on the way

It's even got a Sex Mode.

Internet porn hawkers Naughty America have announced plans to launch a massively multiplayer online game that will feature all manner of general filth.

Naughty America: The Game is said to offer "a new twist on the world of online gaming, combining in-game chat functionality with real-world profiles." You start out by choosing a unique "fantasy persona", selecting body type, skin tone and clothes. Throughout the game you can alter your character's appearance by visiting fashion boutiques, hair salons, tattoo parlours and even plastic surgeons.

There are three different areas to explore. Downtown is all about "gritty nightlife", with plenty of sex shops, video arcades and er, loft-style apartments. Move Uptown and you can visit outdoor cafés, parks and casinos, or head to the beach for boardwalk games, swimming, poolside bars and cruise trips.

But now to the reason you clicked on this article: the Sex Mode. Basically you can rifle through player profiles to find someone you like, and invite them on a date. Then you can "engage in private chat, try out a few sex positions, and turn on the webcam option to turn up the heat." If that all sounds a bit too up close and personal, you can visit the voyeur's club to watch other people, well, you know.

"The game will not replace adult films or self-satisfaction," said Naughty America spokesperson Dusty Lillo, wisely.

"But, it does offer the opportunity for all adults, women and men alike, to engage in an online game without being tech-savvy - it's fun and simple!"

Rumours that Jack Thompson has literally exploded at the news are as yet unconfirmed.

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