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Ubisoft announces CSI: Dark Motives

Two colons or colon-then-hyphen... Your thoughts?

Ubisoft has announced CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Dark Motives, a new PC title for release in March based on the CBS-made television series, in which the player is tasked with solving five cases with help from a fully-voiced cast of CSI regulars.

Dark Motives is apparently a first-person adventure game full of grisly crime scenes that require forensic dissection - with in-depth evidence examination, scalable difficulty and a high level of interactive lab functionality amongst the game's key assets. Players can expect to get their hands on fingerprint dusters, UV lights, luminol, DNA sequencing equipment and a comparison microscope amongst other bits of kit.

As an added bonus for CSI fans, the game will include DVD-style extra content - pre-production sketches, behind the scenes footage and what's described as unusual trivia.

"The popularity of the first CSI: Crime Scene Investigation game [released in May] proves that the CSI license translates well to videogames," Ubisoft's vice president of marketing Tony Kee said of the game which gathered review scores ranging from 9.5 out of 10 down to a mere 40 per cent. Dark Motives is due out in March 2004.