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Nintendo declines to confirm DVD Wii for US and Europe

Despite strong suggestions.

Nintendo has declined to confirm whether a new version of the Wii with DVD playback feature will go on sale outside of Japan - despite a "worldwide agreement" with tech provider Sonic.

Plans to launch the new model were first announced last month, with Nintendo suggesting it was unlikely the machine would make it to the US and Europe.

But earlier this week, digital media software company Sonic Solution confirmed that its CinePlayer CE DVD Navigator will be included in the new Wii, which is due to arrive "in the latter half of 2007".

Now a Sonic spokesperson has told our sister site that it has signed a "worldwide agreement" with Nintendo, stating, "In terms of the specific details of the relationship, Sonic provides an SDK, which Nintendo users to incorporate DVD playback into their system.

"As the enabler of technology in Wii, Sonic does not define the implementation. Sonic provided Nintendo with its DVD playback SDK, which will be integrated by them to their specifications."

A spokesperson for Nintendo UK said, "We have previously confirmed that an enhanced version of Wii capable of playing DVD's would launch at some point in the future in Japan.

"This release simply confirms Sonic as the partner in that venture and that the new version of Wii will come to market in the second half of 2007. It does not confirm where it will launch. We are simply not making any further region specific announcements at this time."