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Datel to launch portable GB Player alternative

Advance Game Port will cost £29.99.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Datel is set to launch a smaller, lightweight alternative to Nintendo's Game Boy Player on October 24th. The "Advance Game Port" will cost £29.99 (the GB Player generally retails for £39.99) and acts as a sort of bridge adapter for GBA carts, slotting into a memory card slot and drawing power from the GameCube, and allowing you to play GBA titles on your TV screen using the Cube pad (including the analogue stick) as a controller.

Although the Advance Game Port only plays GBA titles (whereas the GB Player supports every flavour of Game Boy game), its pocketable size is likely to make it very popular compared to the GB Player, which actually needs to be bolted onto the bottom of the GameCube.

According to Datel, AGP is compatible with all GBA games (including Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, which are presumably troublesome as they warrant a mention in Datel's press release), and even maintains the real-time clock and save positions. Cheat cartridge specialists Datel also claim that the AGP is "lightning fast", something we look forward to testing out when we get our hands on a review unit next week.

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