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X03: What isn't here

Perfect Dark Zero, price cut...

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For X01, before the console had even launched in Europe, Microsoft flew a section of the press out to Pierre Cardin's mansion, where Rob nearly fell off a cliff (true story) and the system was first put through its paces. A year on, Microsoft surprised us all again by flying hacks to a theme park in Seville, where they had free run of rollercoasters and Rareware.

This year, apparently, everyone's on a beach in France. With a bar. And pods. An hour from the hotel. It doesn't sound as good. In fact, Kristan says it isn't, and has DV cam footage to prove it, but there are - however - a wealth of positive announcements that we've already showcased (Largely for the benefit of grumpy OXM hacks who might like to quote us disparagingly next month).

What's missing from the cocktail though (apart from rollercoasters) are two key components that everyone had been expecting - Perfect Dark Zero, and a price cut. As we understand it, PD Zero isn't due out until 2006 or something ludicrous like that, and all we wanted was... anything. Just a demo level. Anything. But no. As for a price cut, we're still expecting a cut to £99.99 before the end of the year, or at least a very generous bundle, even if Michel Cassius told Kristan this evening that MS is happy with the price point.

And of course it goes without saying (because, were it the other way round, we'd be saying it very loudly) that neither Doom III nor Half-Life 2 is in evidence at X03.

Anyway - that's your lot for the evening. We'll bring you more on X03 when Kristan and Rob escape to the nearest net-connected colony, and indeed in the morning. Look forward to it.

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